The King of Reggae – Loud and Proud in New York!

Jojo Romero is a live performer for shows in NY with a difference. People here have seen everything – jazz, metal, rock, hip-hop, EDM and lots more. What they always want is something unique but critically acclaimed. That’s where Jojo Romero’s night live shows hit the nail on the head. While most people with his experience and maturity are covering songs by famous musicians like Neil Young, Bruce Springsteen, and Jerry Garcia, he is a specialist at reggae music. Along with Nightshift you can expect some brilliant covers, but solo, he is the most outstanding reggae singer in this part of the world.

One hit wonders or reggae megastars?

Reggae music has a long history that began in Kingston, Jamaica (1960s). The capital of the country, it hosts the Bob Marley Museum. It is the founding ground for several types of music and until sixty years ago was ruled by the British. When reggae entered the mainstream, it was considered rebellious and something different from most. Compared to other genres of music there have never been many reggae singers or bands. Today, with the popularity of hip-hop there are some interesting fusion projects, but none of the names are as iconoclastic as Bob Marley. Many of the newer reggae singers might just be one hit wonders or make it really big considering their digital album sales.

Though there are many young reggae singers with touching lyrics and killer vocals. Some of the new names that might ring a bell, if you don’t know the sound of this genre – Koffee, Lila Ike, Popcaan, Yaksta, and Nesbeth. These singers and many more are popularizing reggae and dancehall by taking it to a new level. Like hip-hop, many tracks feature famous guest artists.

Jojo Romero + L&M Records

In his career since 1995, Jojo Romero has released several albums. Fiercely independent, he created his own record label to continue singing the way that makes him proud. Recently, a lot of his tracks have been influenced by gospel music. There are lots of reasons that Jojo Romero’s night live shows should tour across the US. When musicians appreciate your music, it means a lot. Several of Jojo’s albums are considered hot property by other like-minded artists. He is someone who doesn’t do too much marketing for their music and tours. It’s almost like he’s an extreme introvert who is a different person on stage.

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