Reggae and Gospel Music – Rock the Night with Jojo Romero

Trends in music have changed because of a wave of innovation which brought digital music through the internet to millions of people. Now sitting at home, we can access music from around the world. Many are bored with country music or alternative music and need something less clichéd. People said records are out and digital music is the most popular. Luckily, that didn’t change much, except that people are more selective about the vinyl in their stores.

Different strokes for different folks

Pinpointing the best musical artist in New York is not any easy task. Which genre? We have hip hop, jazz, reggae, EDM, metal, and many more. Choosing one is unfair. Sometimes, a scandal can boost music album sales or the death of a famous crooner. So, if you are looking for famous reggae music artists in New Jersey, Jojo Romero is the name that comes to mind for vocals and originality. It might be the person is a spiritual leader and for him Jojo’s Gospel Reggae is something brilliant and other-worldly.

If you’ve been living in America for a few years and rely on the supreme to show you a path in church, you might adore the Gospel Reggae that makes up Jojo’s album – Glory. One of the best musical artists in New York for Reggae Gospel, this album was released by L&M Records in 2012. It was his third CD release and can also be accessed quickly online.

Feel the vibes – live Reggae music

Among other famous reggae music artists in New Jersey, Jojo has a fabulous time performing live and watching people groove to his music. He’s down-to-earth, so don’t expect anything like Prince or James Brown! His sound is unique and loved by his fans across the globe. The three albums by him will help you create a songlist of favorites, if he’s performing live at your venue.

There’s not much known about Jojo, whether he’s shy or an introvert is not obvious. You’ll need to find an opportunity when famous reggae music artists in New Jersey perform live! There have been many reggae musicians who visited America. Rolling Stone magazine recently printed an article about the growth of this genre in the last sixty years. Their writers have immense respect for sixty musicians mentioned in the article.

So, if you are planning a small gig at home or a large event on campus, you’ll find the best musical artists in New York for the show are reggae singers celebrating Jamaica’s 60 years of independence. Let the good times roll!


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