JOJO Romero – Multi-Talented Reggae and Rock Singer for Any Event

Good musicians have an open-mind and experiment with different sounds. They can play acoustic music for large audiences and cover their mistakes with a sense of humor. Audiences love dancing in their party clothes and singing along with the hits. If the band for your event cannot make people dance, it’s a sign to reconsider your playlist strategy.

Jojo Romero hand-picks musical artists for his record label

The best musicians can make their audience laugh or cry with heartfelt sentimental songs or rock n’ roll! If you attend the Jojo Romero rock band’s music events, you’ll feel the positivity and genuine love for music not money. The same can be applied to his career in sound studios where he has recorded a number of reggae and gospel tracks for CD. With his own label (L&M Records), he aims to sign-on talented musicians with an innovative style. As things improve after the lull for a few years, Jojo will introduce new musical artists to New Jersey, New York, and Georgia. Though time in the studio often keeps him busy, he’s still the best musician for any event in these states.

Reggae to classic rock performed live

Jojo Romero is a musical artist and rock band leader who loves experimenting with new sounds and then filtering them for consumption by anyone. If you book him for your show – he has original songs and covers of the top bands for large events. As a talented reggae musician and guitar player, he can perform diverse vocals in sync with the band. Listen to his tunes for a mature reggae sound and some rock music thrown in for originality.

Final thoughts

If you are not aware, some rock bands popular a few decades ago have resurfaced for their reunion tour or last concerts together. These shows are quickly sold out these days. Bands who haven’t returned to the stage are sometimes dearly missed. Many of their musicians have solo careers too. If you like the idea of creating a playlist for your party with these songs – just give us a buzz when you are ready and we can perform them live after a few weeks of rehearsal. Jojo Romero is a gifted reggae singer and also fronts some talented musical artists in a band. Their forte is music from the sixties, seventies, and eighties, which makes them perfect for most events boasting rock music. Watch them create a memorable experience with tracks by the Doobie Brothers, Steely Dan, Rush, and bigger commercial hits.

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