Cool Facts About Reggae Music

Reggae music is one of the most widely accepted and popular styles. It is widely associated with the music that gives voice to the oppressed. Reggae became Jamaica’s dominant music style and originated there before global acceptance in Africa, Britain, and the United States of America.

It is believed reggae is derived from another Jamaican popular music known as ska that uses drums for a heavy four-beat rhythm, a bass, an electric guitar, and a scraper.

The cultural acceptance of Reggae Music in New York and many music band artists in New Jersey have adopted the unique sound of reggae music to create entertaining music.

Here are some cool facts about reggae many people are not familiar with:

Reggae word

It is generally believed the word reggae was first used in an album, ‘Do the Reggay’; however, most people believe the word is from a Jamaican slang ‘rege-rege’ that means ragged.

The slang connotes the meaning of reggae as it describes the coming together of many different music styles. Others think it is from the Latin word ‘regi,’ which means to be the king.

Reggae festivals

The reggae music style is widely accepted, and a music festival is celebrated in Jamaica known as the Sunsplash festival with the participation of many stars from Jamaica and beyond.

It is seen as a way to celebrate the cultural impact of reggae in society and on world music. The festival celebrates reggae’s famous acts for a week and includes a traditional reggae night.


Reggae is deeply associated with religion, as seen with the lyrics that are spiritually inclined. Many reggae artists belong to the Rastafarianism movement, deeply rooted in a spiritually oriented lifestyle.

Reggae music has a profoundness for Jamaican mento that comprise a sacred trinity that includes the emotional depth in the soul, passion, triviality of ska, and the holy ghost of reggae.


Reggae is very different in rhythm from other music styles. Based on a bottom drum supplying a steady quarter-note heartbeat, the steppers are one of the three main rhythms.

With a four-quart note rhythm in each bar, rockers are the second rhythm. The third one-drop beat emphasizes the snare and kick’s backbeat and has a 16th note that pulses steadily like a train. Within the tune, the rockers allow for rhythmic flexibility.


Reggae music is one of the styles that has taken the world by storm. With its political messages, it serves as a tool to entertain while also giving voice to people.

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