Beyond Jamaica – Pop and Reggae Music in America

Reggae originated in Kingston, Jamaica and has influenced many music styles and singers. If you’ve listened to No Woman No Cry, Bad Boys, Sun Is Shining, Joanna…and others with a similar sound, you know what popular mainstream reggae is about these days. It started in the early sixties and has retained its respect over the decades. Among the musicians deeply influenced by reggae is famous pop singer Jojo Romero. He grew up listening to Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Jimmy Cliff, Burning Spear, Black Uhuru, and many more. He was also influenced by choir singers in the church and gospel music started growing on him.

Pop, Reggae, and Gospel in USA

St. Croix in the US Virgin Islands is the original home of a talented singer – Jojo Romero. Now, several years later, he has established himself as an American music artist. Leaving his home to start a career in music left him with lots of things to prove. With his talent, the debut reggae album he cut was a success. Friends and peers appreciated his unique style and originality. Realizing that reggae was not popular everywhere across his new homeland, Jojo diversified the genres of music for his concerts and private live shows.

Record Label Owner

Whom you may know as the famous pop singer Jojo Romero has cut around five albums and owns his own record label (L&M)! Versatile and dynamic, he is also dedicated to helping other artists that need a break in their career to support their talent. The live shows he performs get everybody on their feet to groove the night away. With an eclectic range of sounds, he can play numerous styles of music – reggae, pop, rock, hard rock, jazz, and others.

As R&B has made a comeback and many albums on the Billboard Top 200 are from this genre, it is something appropriate for most live shows. Whether you like boogying or slow dancing, request a song you like in advance for it to be added to the songlist.

95 to now

Since his official career started in 1995, Jojo has wanted to record a gospel reggae album. Collating all his material for this and writing the lyrics took time because his aim was perfection. Some decades later, the album was finally released and received rave reviews from everybody who counts.

Over a period, the famous pop singer Jojo Romero also became a popular gospel reggae singer. There are many American music artists that envy Jojo Romero’s ability to stay consistent and surf on the wave of success without boasting or criticizing others.


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