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Make Your Wedding Party a Memorable Event with Live Music Performance

Is your wedding in the cards? Well, try to make it an unforgettable event for your guests so that they praise you to the skies. Do you know what goes into making your wedding day enthralling? Apart from dazzling decorations and a sumptuous feast, live music performance plays an important role in your wedding party. 

The following tips will help you organize your wedding party systematically:  

  • Organizing a Band: First, you need to think about how big a band will be required for your wedding occasion. The personnel of the band depends on the style of music you hire for your live entertainment. For instance—a typical pop cover band will usually be a 3-5 piece, but many bands augment with a horn section or backing singers. A soul or funk band might be of 4-10 piece, mainstream jazz 2-5, R’n’B a 3-6 piece, and swing jazz 3-6. A samba group or Latin salsa may require 6-10 players; a Caribbean steel band is anything from 2-12. 
  • Choosing a Wedding Venue: You should choose a wedding venue very carefully two or three days before your wedding day and plan everything systematically, keeping into consideration live music performance, the kind of stage that will be needed, proper lighting system, and a suitable dance-floor. Inquire whether the venue has any limitations of time regarding the live music, a noise limiter the wedding breakfast is served in the same room as the evening party. If so, then whether the band will have sufficient space and time to set up their equipment before the commencement of live music. Keeping these things into consideration, make a decision about how large a venue will be required. 
  • Now, think about the number of guests attending your wedding party. As a rule of thumb, for guests between 50-100, a duo or trio may be appropriate; for 100-150, a trio or quartet, and for 150-200, a quintet. In addition, for bigger parties, a larger ensemble will be required. Remember that much depends on the genre of music you choose. The total number of musicians suggested in each example above indicates what might be good for each audience dimension. 
  • Finally, consider your budget for live music performance. Hire a professional band that has proven performance credentials and some experience in party entertaining. This will not be cheap for you, but you will not need to break the bank. Although there will always be a good deal of variation between the fees charged by different bands, it would sound judicious on your part to allow around 150-200 per musician for their services apart from travel and other costs. You can also contact a reputable entertainment agency to elicit their views on all the factors mentioned above. 

The Significance of Live Music Performance in Traditional Events

  • For thousands and thousands of years, music has been a part of human culture and tradition. A wedding occasion is one of the traditional occasions that has been celebrated amidst throbbing music. Instruments, such as flutes and drums, are known to be over 4000 years old. Although music has served different roles for different traditions, every tradition in the world has used music to some extent. From drums leading soldiers to battle, religious ceremonies, and unwinding after a long day of working the land, the music has entwined in human history. 
  • At present, there are more acts and options for music than what used to be in the past. With the increase in the independent music scene, many best music artists advertise, support, and promote themselves for their own show. This has necessitated a condition where bands will be working harder than ever before to try and make it to the big time, covering the extra mile to do a good performance and enthrall the audience. This holds true for all types of live music. For instance—orchestral-based performances and organizations also depend on live shows to support their organizations. Many shows include extravagant dancers, performers, and visual effects to improve the emotional experience. 

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Briefly Put!

Get ready to organize a live music performance on your wedding day to make it a memorable day for your guests. It will provide them with complete entertainment, and you will be remembered as one of the best hosts in your region. 

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